Powerful new partnership launched between iRAP and ITF

19 June 2017

iRAP and the International Transport Forum (ITF) have taken a big step forward in the battle against road deaths and serious injuries with the signing of a new partnership agreement.

The two world leaders in transport policy and road safety signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) at the ITF’s Annual Summit of Ministers in Leipzig, Germany. The MOU will see the two organisations working closely together on road safety issues. (Pictured left to right are ITF's José Viegas and iRAP's Rob McInerney)

The ITF/iRAP MOU promotes policies that support the achievement of transport-related UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The five-year agreement focuses on contributing to the halving of  road deaths and injuries by 2020 (SDG 3.6); making cities safe and sustainable (SDG 11.2); and unlocking the full potential benefits of investment in transport infrastructure (SDG 9).

Among the areas of co-operation will be the provision of performance tracking tools to support implementation of the SDGs, the development of innovative financing partnerships and impact investment initiatives. Building on the experience of many road agencies using the iRAP approach to target investment and improve the percent of travel on 3-star or better roads for all road users, the partnership will enhance collaboration with governments to set appropriate road infrastructure safety targets for their road networks.

The partnership will also capture the dual benefits for safety and the environment associated with sustainable mobility initiatives, the iRAP Enhanced Urban model developments and the ITF’s Decarbonising Transport agenda The MOU was one of four ground-breaking agreements the ITF signed with partners at the forum. Details of the agreements with the World Bank, FIA and EuroControl can be viewed here.

Sharing knowledge

Under the agreement, the ITF will be able to use iRAP’s knowledge base and data on infrastructure safety to inform ITF research and policy analysis. The data includes, among other measures, crash risk mapping, star rating and optimised investment plans for more than a combined 2,000,000 km of roads across more than 80 countries.

The ITF’s Secretary General, José Viegas, said that iRAP’s evidence-based tools which measure the star rating performance of road infrastructure and support the business case for safer roads, provided ‘an invaluable global resource for policy leadership, action and transparent decision making.’ ‘

Our partnership with iRAP confirms our united co-operation to promote safe and sustainable transport,’ he said.

iRAP CEO Rob McInerney said: ‘The International Transport Forum is a world-leader in shaping policies that improve peoples’ lives. ITF is leading the way with the Safe System approach and benchmarking of safety performance. We are looking forward to maximising the win-win road safety outcomes which can be achieved by working together with ITF and governments worldwide.’