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RAPcapacity online courses help people learn how to undertake iRAP-specification road assessments.

The courses available are:

  • Getting started and accessing results
  • Risk Mapping and Performance Tracking 
  • Star Rating and Investment Plans from inspections
  • Star Rating and Investment Plans from design
  • Road attribute coding

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The University of Birmingham (UK) iRAP course in Road Safety introduces to people the iRAP technology for evaluating the safety impact of road infrastructure.

By the end of the course, the participants are expected to have acquired an understanding of the following key items:

  • The fundamentals of the iRAP approach to risk assessment and mitigation
  • The concept of star rating based on inspection data and road designs
  • The principles of developing a safer roads investment plan

The course includes practical exercises, discussions and exposure to the iRAP software. The course is delivered in the state-of-the-art teaching and learning facilities of the University of Birmingham. 

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The International Road Federation has developed a series of Road Safety Seminars (Safer Roads by Design™) to provide road authorities with best practices and latest technologies that can be implemented to meet a country’s commitment to the Decade of Action.

Safer Roads by Design™ is an all-inclusive approach to road safety and includes seminars on the fundamentals of Road Safety, Roadside Safety, Work Zone Safety, Intersection/Roundabout Safety and Vulnerable User Safer.

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